The Starbucks Experiment

Sunday, August 21, 2005

My First Blog!

I have been inspired by Adithi (whose blog template i am shamelessly stealing) to join the blog-movement. also, i have been encouraged by Karin to share my Starbucks secrets online, hence the title. I have been working at Starbucks all summer, and i'm going to continue working there part-time even though i'm starting a new and v. exciting internship at the National Gallery of Art--tomorrow--since sadly my internship is unpaid. I just finished a horrible shift at sbux. I was closing, which means cleaning cleaning cleaning, and the mid-shift girl never showed up, so i had to not only make all the drinks but also restock, make frappucino mix, whip cream, and do a fuck load of dishes. so basically i was the scullery maid. but i still managed to have everything clean by 7:08 (as opposed to 7:45, the "official" go-home time), because i am so awesome :-)

enough of this bull shit you are probably thinking. where are the starbucks secrets? well, did you know, for example, that venti drinks do not contain any more espresso that grande drinks, only more milk (both sizes come with two shots)? did you know that sbux does not actually stock 1% and 2% milk? when someone asks for 2% we just mix whole and skim. and when they ask for 1% we add a bit more skim, but this is hardly an exact science, and i think customers would be better served to just make up their minds as to whether they want fat or not. you have probably realized that they charge more for soy milk, which customers justifiably complain about. why is it that they charge extra for soy and organic milk but not for whip cream? the whip cream is far more labor intensive.

my post-shift exhaustion is kicking in and i can't think of any other secrets to spill, but maybe this will keep my one-and-a-half readers in state of suspense.

as i mentioned i'm starting my internship at the National Gallery tomorrow. I have "an orientation to the Gallery security system with the Protection Services Department" and an orientation to the volunteer internship program. I won't even reveal what i'll be working on, since i might find out during my orientation tomorrow that such information is classified. oh, i love the federal government.



At 7:29 PM, Blogger Karin said...

In preparation for our impending trip to DC which I'm sure will be chock full of Afro Celt . . .

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous eva said...

you are too funny. i will be a loyal reader; a v. loyal reader!


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