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Friday, February 24, 2006

Some News is Bad News

This week as been a bit ho hum, after the wild excitement of having Dani and Karin come visit this past weekend. people got drunk and got laid, people danced and made out in bars, people had nervous breakdowns and had to call the paramedics. fabulous people cooked fabulous dinners for us, important activities like shopping and watching TV were accomplished, and an "America's Top Walker" contest was staged outside the local potomac video. i got to take a walk of my own all over Roof, with its sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. we walked around with the curator and the conservator, talking about the sculpture's condition and the upcoming book. it was a fantastic, fantastic experience, in that it gave me very physical evidence of not only how strong the domes are, but also how individual each one is. Goldsworthy was charming, as i had heard he would be, and it was nice to see how much he and my boss joke around.

but the rest of the week proved the adage that only no news is good news. first i had two wonderful days at Starbucks, wonderful in that Tom happened to be absent and out of every one's hair. my shifts have never gone so smoothly, so lack of strife was definitely great news.

yesterday the corollary proved true when i found out i got rejected from Yale. there is not much to say about that, except of course that i am disappointed. but i suppose this won't be a tragedy until i get rejected from everywhere else i applied, which of course, is now the only scenario i can imagine.

so, that's all folks! (cue looney toones music . . .)


At 11:20 AM, Blogger Karin said...

Another beautiful and sage post, Lina. Not that you ever give anything less, but still, I found especially the first paragraph of this great--what a trenmendously literary summary of our weekend.

There did certainly seem to be magic in the air surrounding all of us from February 16-20 or so. Actually, it really started that first week in February, didn't it? . . . when you were supposed to come up but got called away to L.A. instead. I guess that just proves it always pops us when one expects it the very least. Either that, or it was various Februrary/V-Day good vibes. Or maybe, as I suspect, I finally just did something right in the eyes of thermodynamics or something by organizing my living space, and it set off a chain reaction of the best kind possible, spreading the decent to good luck about.

So I guess, then, we are either forced to view the Yale affair as the first event in the impending reversal of our fortune, or perhaps just as a temporary blip in our bliss. I think you know which one I'm pulling for . . . no, which one I truly believe it is. Nothing can shake my conviction that you, Lina, have nothing to worry about, and you are well on your way to a long and satisfying art historical career.

Here's hoping your weekend was better--mine was remarkably great considering that I was quasi-broken-up-with outside of work on the middle of Friday--and also that March finds us both back where we deserve to be, in the benevolent palm of, for lack of a better term, The Universe.

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Karin said...

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